Twitter is one of the many social networking sites that have people around the world glued to it. What makes it different from other social networks is its feature of limited characters and retweets. One meets new people, share and follow the contents they like. It’s a platform that entertains and educates us about the trends around the world at the same time.

But today, people on twitter are going bananas over something else. You thought sharing your thoughts within 280 characters was mind-blowing? How about finding your love here! For a place where we socialize, share content and get to know the latest trends around the world, playing a cupid just came naturally to it. People are sharing their cute #WeMetOnTwitter stories and it has us go awwww!

Check out some of these cute stories.

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However, the trolls could not ignore but notice it. They shared memes on the same, and it has us go ROFL. Here are some: