Never Stay Sober aka Akshay Sharma and Harshit Arora tell us what not to wear during the rains and get through the monsoons like a pro!

As much as we love the monsoons, you can’t deny that stepping out during the rains is a living nightmare! Mucky water, potholes, walking on the streets with dirt and water flying in from oncoming traffic; writing this sentence alone makes us dread the rains. Living in India, one pretty much needs to be ready for the rains throughout the year given how unpredictable our weather is.

Not sure how you can be better equipped to tackle the rain? We’ve got you, sis! Shachi Lavingia talks to Akshay Sharma aka Never Stay Sober and Harshit Arora about what not to wear during the rains, wardrobe staples, what kind of footwear to avoid, and things they’d carry to work when it’s pouring.

Here’s what they had to say!

What should one avoid wearing in the rains?

Akshay avoids the 3 L’s – leather, latex, and layering during monsoons. While Harshit said, “Avoid whites and light coloured bottoms because any stains on them shout and it becomes difficult to clean them later.”

How do you keep your bottoms clean while stepping out?

Akshay mentioned, “I’m mostly seen wearing shorts if I have to step out on roads when it’s pouring or else I try to get in & out of my car, without stepping on Mother Earth, honestly that’s the only way.” Harshit on the other hand thinks that one should avoid clingy fabrics because of the humidity.

Which type of footwear defines disaster during this season?

“Anything white & oh, slippery!” said Akshay. Harshit felt similarly. He added, “I prefer closed footwear to avoid getting my feet dirty and that would include no white, only dark coloured comfortable sneakers.”

Is there any particular fabric or colour that you’d stay away from right now?

Akshay mentioned, “Rains mostly make the weather humid so I avoid wearing anything that’s made with polyester, nylon, or any other non-breathable fabrics.” Harshit said, “Rains call for loose, dark coloured, non-clingy clothes and comfortable shoes.”

What’s your go-to outfit when you need to step out during the rains?

Akshay prefers going minimal! Shorts with a tee or a vest & an umbrella as a utility accessory work for him. For Harshit, a thin sweatshirt and shorts do the trick!

Tell us about 5 things you’d carry to work when it’s pouring!

Umbrella, a towel just in case, a pair of extra clothing is all Akshay likes to carry. He says, “If I’m planning for the worst, then tea bags and some snacks. I might not end up going to work only, honestly and I’d declare it a self-care day!” Harshit mentioned, “I always carry wet wipes and stain whitener with me. I carry an umbrella definitely and avoid outdoor shoots, if possible.”

Are accessories a good idea during this season?

Both Akshay and Harshit mentioned that they don’t accessorize during the rains. Harshit added, “I love wearing watches but I save them for other seasons.”

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