What not to wear in the rains? We asked, you answered!

Shachi Lavingia
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Do you always struggle with what not to wear during the rains? This thread is for you!

Tell me this has happened to you! You step out of home during the rains looking like an absolute bombshell with your cute white shorts, summer slides, and a cotton tote and before you know it, your white shorts have a polka dot pattern of dirt all over the back. If you've lived through this horror too, you know just how harrowing every monsoon can be! Hours spent in deciding what to wear only to pick out another pair of jeans to protect your legs knowing fully well that mom's going to lose her plot because your damn denim won't be drying for another 4 days!

A monsoon wardrobe is probably the hardest to decide on because the weather is just so unpredictable and because we struggle with this too, we asked you what NOT TO wear during the rains.


And here's what you said!

  • White top, white sneakers, anything white
  • Full clothes because you'll be drenched in the rain
  • Anything below your ankle would be a crime against humanity
  • Heavy dresses
  • Cotton clothes
  • Oxidized jewelry
  • Jeans
  • Sweaters
  • Heart on your sleeve
  • Sneakers
  • Slippers to avoid the polka dot dirt on your calves

What do you avoid wearing in the rain? Tell us in the comments below.

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