Surviving the first 6 months of 2024 sans BTS: An Army's survival guide

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The start of 2024 has been conflicting as an Army because we don’t know if we should be happy for a new chapter or sad because we miss our 7 favorite people in the world! But here’s how we can survive these dark times together!

Every single time a BTS member enlisted in the military, we cried together. We thought we were mentally prepared for it but we really weren’t when the time came. Jin enlisted in December 2022, J-hope then followed in April last year, Suga enlisted in September and the remaining members ripped the bandaid by enlisting together by the end of the year. Which leaves us with absolutely no active members till June of this year at least. It’s an alien feeling, not waking up to new music, new content or new lives on Weverse. We’re left in the real world to deal with our feelings and actually live around… people! But there’s also an ocean of previous content left behind which I’m sure many of us are either not well versed with or just haven’t had the time to watch yet. 

BTS has always been a source of inspiration and strength for their fans. In many ways, we’ve learnt how to navigate life through them. So their enlistment has been a tricky subject for us. But even apart from all the content, the biggest thing that BTS leaves behind is us, the fandom - Army. Ever since I became a fan, I’ve met Armys anywhere and everywhere and some of them are now my best friends! It’s always a constant reminder that we’re in this together, and we’re not alone in feeling what we’re currently feeling! 

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If you relate to me, here’s your ultimate survival guide!

Run BTS!

Where to watch: Youtube/ Weverse

Run BTS has to be number one on the list because it’s an absolute bundle of joy! Run BTS is basically their game show and each episode has a new concept. In the process of keeping their eye on the prize, the members compete against each other and it’s rather hilarious to watch. The show has a total of 165 episodes which is more than enough to keep us fed till they’re back!

Weverse Lives

Where to Watch: Weverse

Yes, it hurts that none of the members will be going live for the next 6 months but there are so many wholesome ones they have left behind. Be it Jungkook's 4 hour long lives in his cozy living room or Taehyung’s lives which are over in the blink of an eye. 


Their huuugeee biography

Where to watch the documentary: Disney+Hotstar

A book about BTS’ 10 year journey was released last year called ‘Beyond The Story: 10 Year Record of BTS’. This one is so in-depth and has sub-chapters within chapters that it’ll easily take you months to finish, especially if you’re not an avid reader! There’s also a documentary based on this book which you can binge on!

BTS in the Soop

Where to watch: Weverse

The show is literally about BTS living in a lavish house and doing what they love, which is eating, cooking, sleeping, singing or gaming. It has a vibe where you feel like it's your safe place at the end of a hectic day so it’s a perfect watch to unwind with.

Bon Voyage

Where to watch: Weverse

4 seasons of BTS traveling around the world is an absolute delight. Watching them explore other cultures and food while being their chaotic selves fully makes this re-watch worthy too!

Variety Shows and Interviews 

Where to watch: Youtube

Apart from each other, we barely see BTS members conversing with other people and interviews are a great way to see a whole new side of them. 


Where to watch: Youtube

Suchwita came as a total surprise. Never would I have thought that Suga would want to host a talk show, given that he is an introvert. But it's been so insightful and refreshing to watch him interact with other K-pop Idols, actors and sportsmen about everything under the sun!

Stream their music!

Music is the best way to feel the closest to them, after all!

Attend events

From birthdays to their debut anniversary, Armys around the world love organizing events on dates that are special to BTS. A get together with your fandom where you exchange photocards, cut a cute cake and sing songs together always sounds like an ideal weekend!


Time will fly, especially if we're following the ultimate Army guide and before you know it, we’ll be with Jin celebrating his solo album soon!

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