20 iconic BTS songs that scream summer time!

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BTS summer playlist

Over the course of a decade, BTS has created a wide variety of songs that actually cater to different seasons and here’s our ultimate BTS summer playlist you simply shouldn’t miss out on!

With the beginning of summer, you one hundred percent need a good summer playlist. The two just go hand in hand. Whether it is for a long drive, a summer road trip or just when you’re by yourself at a coffee shop, a summer playlist is what sets the right vibe. Oftentimes, BTS themselves have been called the human form of sunshine by their fans or the ones that bring light during dark times. So just like them, their songs too feel like a bright ray of sunshine. They have a huge chunk of songs that are upbeat, joyful and just instantly put a smile on your face. It’s the serotonin boost you didn’t even know you needed. So many of their songs describe the good days of youth and songs like Dynamite and Butter, which turned out to be massive hits, are just casual summer tracks to be heard without looking too deep into the meaning of them all.

Summer also brings back the nostalgia of summer camps and dance classes. So many of BTS’ tracks are based on some really cool choreography that you instantly feel like trying after watching the music video. You see BTS themselves having fun while singing or dancing to these songs and that’s what a good summer playlist is truly meant for - having fun! Summer playlists also consist of some all time classics from the artists you love. So we've also added some really popular tracks by BTS that'll help you reminisce your first days as a BTS Army! 

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Like BTS loves to say, we don’t need ‘Permission to Dance’ to these ultimate summer songs!



Boy with Luv


Permission to Dance


Airplane Pt 2


Go Go

I Need U

Mic Drop ft Steve Aoki



Burning Up (Fire)

So What



Look Here

Outro: Wings

Blood Sweat and Tears

What are some other songs that would make it to your BTS summer playlist? Let us know in the comments below!

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