Taking a step forward from his previous chart topping hit ‘Seven’, Jungkook's latest single 3D is all about love, sex and impressive choreography!

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Jungkook's latest single 3D

The whole fandom has gone berserk with Jungkook’s latest single ‘3D’ as the catchy lyrics have made it to every Reel possible! So here’s breaking down the song, the music video and his promotions for it so far!

Jungkook recently headlined the Global Citizen Festival and at the end of his set, he announced his new song ‘3D’ with a teaser on the big screen. After the roaring success of his first solo project ‘Seven’, Armys were waiting to see what he had in store for us next. 3D promotions were a bit different from Seven though. During Seven, we had an entire schedule layed out for us showing what will be released on which day, but for 3D, we didn’t know what to expect when. From the concept photos to the music video teaser, it was all a surprise and uploaded without any heads up, which was also something that worked in the song’s favor, I guess. 

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Jungkook’s latest single 3D is also his first collaboration with American rapper Jack Harlow. Jungkook’s vocals and Jack’s rap blend together perfectly and give the song a very old school 90s/ early 2000s vibe that we all loved. 3D is an R&B Pop track and the collaboration between the two artists bring back the era where Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys songs were listened to on loop. The music video for sure adds to this nostalgia as well. From doing a really cool dance routine in the rain, defying gravity in his music video, to a plane flying above his head, the visuals were beyond stunning. 3D is about how Jungkook wants to see the girl he’s in love with in person, in 3D. Most of the lyrics in the song are explicit or metaphorical for sex and while we're not used to seeing a more mature side of Jungkook, we’re glad that he is breaking those stereotypes about him and is probably one of the very few K-pop idols who picks songs that are the most like his personality. Not only does he openly say that he is sexually active, 3D also highlights the importance of consent, and the fact that he is a man who supports female pleasure, again something that's rarely spoken about in Korean culture. 

After the music video made waves all over social media last Friday, we also got a live performance video and a choreography video along with various versions of remixes for 3D. The choreography brings back Jungkook, the dancer who we all missed and the steps are easy to follow yet look super impressive. The only promotion so far that he has done for the song is the streaming parties he kept on Stationhead the past two days but music show appearances are soon to follow!

Here’s how armys reacted to his new single!

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