IU and V of BTS’ new song ‘Love Wins All’ is no less than a K-drama!

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Love Wins All

There’s romance, action and comedy at the same time in the 'Love Wins All’ music video that manages to melt our hearts in a short span of 5 minutes.

IU and V of BTS was a pairing we didn’t even know we needed! Yes, they’ve been together on IU’s talk show but none of us would’ve seen this coming. IU has previously had two successful collaborations with Suga before i.e. Eight and People Pt.2. And now it’s a new hit with another BTS member. ‘Love Wins All’ is a song about how in the middle of a disaster too, love is what prevails over everything. She sings about finding happiness and choosing to spend her last few moments with the one she loves right before the world is ending. V of BTS is currently serving in the military but this song was a remarkable return into our lives. The two make a poignant yet romantic music video which has been the only thing everyone’s talking about since it dropped last night. We have barely seen BTS members act romantic on-screen before so this was new territory for all of us and much to Army’s surprise, we loved it!

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The music video was heartbreakingly beautiful. We first see Taehyung and IU saving themselves from a white box sort of figure that feels like a black hole that’ll swallow the whole world. After escaping that, the two go on a cute date night. In the music video, V has scars on his face and he is blind from one eye but through IU’s camera, they both get to see each other as their older happier version pre apocalyptic era. Then comes the highlight of the song, they orchestrate a fake wedding and then go to the photobooth to click pictures right after. The whole sequence feels straight out of a rom-com or K-drama. We got to see a whole new side of V. Infact this music video has just made us realize how much more we need to see him as an actor. They look like a match made in heaven, V looks like everyone’s ideal type and IU plays the one who’d go above and beyond for her partner. The music video has a sad ending though, when eventually the world does come to an end. The scene where IU keeps a hand on Taehyung’s only eye that works so he doesn’t have to see the end, or the way their hands held tight in the last few minutes was just pure cinema!

I did expect V to sing though. Both of their voices put together would’ve sounded heavenly. Nevertheless, it’s great to see the two K-Pop idols turned actors deliver good performances back to back. Their music video definitely does leave you wanting a longer, web-series version of it and if anyone’s listening, we want a happy ending this time!

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