8 reasons why Hidden Love's Sang Zhi and Duan Jiaxu are absolute green flags

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Hidden Love

A Chinese drama that's taken the internet by storm, Hidden Love is a light hearted and feel good love story that'll give you the escape that you need from reality.

Watching my first ever Chinese drama, I had no clue what to expect from Hidden Love. But it slowly made me melt over the pure love it stands for. Sang Zhi, a timid yet independent and decisive girl, falls in love with her brother's friend, Jiaxu. Their love story is truly one for the books as it's a much needed reminder for all of us that true love is not fading away. The things that they do for each other out of love are things you'd want your partner to do for you. Unlike many other shows from today's time, there really is no dragged or unrequired conflict in the story and it also proves that a show can trend for weeks together without any of their characters being a red flag. It's one of the healthiest on-screen relationships we have seen in recent times.

Apart from the main leads being absolute couple goals, the soundtrack of the show is another big win. It brings out the essence of the romantic scenes and just like in K-dramas, it plays a huge role in the storytelling. Sang Zhi's parents and her relationship with her brother are other highlights of the show. While they are of a different ethnicity, it shows you that relationships in any culture are the same. Siblings have silly fights and the parents, especially Asian parents, can't help but constantly worry. Even the supporting characters add to making the show better and have satisfying arcs. Amidst all of this blooms a beautiful relationship between the main characters that we simply cannot stop swooning over!

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Here's why Sang Zhi and Jiaxu's relationship is full of green flags!

She fell for him first but he fell for her harder!

Jiaxu was Sang Zhi's first love ever since she can remember. It was love at first sight for her in fact, at the age of 14. She kept her love hidden all these years till she reached adulthood simply because of their age difference and because she didn't know how he would react. But when he realizes he has feelings for her too, it's the most precious thing ever. The flirting in those initial stages is super adorable and he even makes her comfortable about the 5 year age gap that they have and the fact that he's okay to look beyond that. 

Sang Zhi

He asks for her permission before pursuing her

There really is nothing hotter than asking for consent. It's simply him telling her that he has feelings for her and he wants to date her so he asks if it's okay to pursue her in the sense of spending time with her, talk or flirt with her like a boyfriend would. It's so straight forward that its beautiful!

Hidden love

They're deeply in love but not blind in love

While the two look forward to spending time together every single day, their love doesn't blind them from everything else. They have a plan set for the future. They don't let their relationship get in the way of their work which helps them excel in their fields. They respect each other's space and it's not two bodies, one soul in fact it's one team working towards a better future. It's a map that they meticulously thought out. Be it finishing her university degree, getting an internship and then him, eventually starting his own business so both of them can stay closer to her parents. Without any unnecessary drama at all. 

Duan Jiaxu

They're equal partners - financially and emotionally

Knowing that Jiaxu's father is in the hospital and the traumatic past he has had, it was so heartwarming to see Sang Zhi take out her card and be like 'I have some savings, you can use it all to treat your father'. She also promises to take care of him in the future. In return, Jiaxu gives her his entire wallet and tells her to use it whenever she is in need. There is nothing healthier than a relationship where both can contribute towards one another and no one's financially dependent on the other. They're each other's best friends too whether it's eating meals on time or making sure the other one is getting enough sleep, the two constantly checking in on each other is super romantic.

Sang Zhi and Jiaxu

When they both attempt to cook for each other

Sang Zhi is allergic to dairy so Jiaxu learns how to make a lemon tart from a chef. After multiple tries, he finally gets it right but it's his dedication to learn and the effort he put in for her that melted my heart. Being born and raised in a wealthy family, Sang Zhi was really pampered by her parents and hence wasn't very well versed with cooking. But on his birthday, she tried to make him a wholesome meal that he'd love. Seems like acts of service is the love language for both of them! 

Hidden love birthday scene

Even though she's the younger one, she protects him from all the negativity in his life

In a time where we see a plethora of damsels in distress, Sang Zhi is here to support her man through thick and thin. Jiaxu's father is in a coma, and he had run over and killed someone in the past. Jiaxu was still bearing the consequences of his father's actions. The daughter of the man that his father killed, got rather obsessed with Jiaxu and she expected him to marry her. This even had an impact on Sang Zhi's life. But she protected Jiaxu and also stood by him when he was in the hospital. She became the family he never had. 

Hidden love

They communicate even on the toughest days

Both of them have gotten busy with work or had other priorities with their families and have had to cancel on their plans. Instead of sulking, they communicated their feelings and had the utmost understanding and consideration towards each other. 

Hidden love

Even though Sang Zhi's family had their doubts, Jiaxu was patient and respectful towards them till they finally came around

Knowing that their daughter is dating someone older than her and that too her brother's best friend was not easy for them to digest ofcourse. And given Jiaxu's past, they had their doubts. Jiaxu sits down with her parents and has an honest conversation with them about how much he loves their daughter and intends to give her the comfort she has always grown up with. Over time, he proves himself to be worthy enough to have a life with their daughter and they do finally come around as well. Their relationship with Jiaxu and how they treat him like their own son is wholesome to watch.

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