Whatsapp dark mode goes live for beta users

Geetika Sachdev
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WhatsApp dark mode

Many apps already have or are all set to launch the dark mode for apps and guess which one has joined the list? It's none other than Whatsapp. Not just that, the WhatsApp dark mode has already gone Live for beta users.

We are super excited since the much-awaited dark mode has gone live on the world’s favourite messaging app, WhatsApp. As of now, this is only available to Android beta users. This means Android users can access the WhatsApp dark mode by signing up for the beta program. 

The first step is to update the Whatsapp version to 2.20.13 Android beta. While it can be accessed through previous updates too, it enables features in recent updates to avoid bugs.  In case you can’t access it despite updating the recent version, it is best to back up your chat history and then reinstalling the app again. 

If the feature is inaccessible despite the reinstallation, then wait it out for the official roll out! 

Here are the steps to enable the WhatsApp dark mode in your device:

  • Open the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone
  • Next, go to Settings by tapping on three-dot menu on WhatsApp
  • When you go to Settings, choose Chats and there you will get an option to choose the theme from Dark’, Light’ and System Default’.
  • Select ‘Dark’ to enter the dark mode
  • If you want to get back to the normal mode, then follow the same process and choose ‘Light’ in place of ‘Dark’.



  • The difference is that in this mode, you get darker colours. It isn’t exactly like Instagram’s dark mode, but the Status feed, the Chat feed and the usual layout get darker when you choose the dark theme. The dark theme on WhatsApp is popular, especially for those who use their mobiles all the time (that’s most of us). It also manages the colour contrast ratios needed for readability at the same time. Oh, and did we tell you it also helps to save the phone’s battery!


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