While Spotify wrapped turned up on everyone's stories, Twitteratis had their own reactions to share

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Spotify wrapped

These Spotify-Wrapped memes and reactions that people shared on Twitter are the next best thing on the internet that we totally agree with.

We all woke up today and decided to dive into our music collection. Music is always a major part of our lives, and Spotify seems to have proven just that. The kind of music or artists that we listen to should define the kind of mood that we are in. People who have been through their emo phase listening to sad, depressing songs on a loop while the ones who just fell in love have been in their happy mood. Some have been going all hard rock and street hip hop while others have been discovering new artists and delving into the world of Indie music. There is no single person who has had a music list that is similar to another person, and that is wonderful. And Spotify Wrapped was a prime example of that. Even though everyone knew exactly who their top artists would be, considering the number of times they had listened to them, they were still happy to see their favorite on the top.

But other than enjoying their wrap, the internet would not help but give their hilarious and true reactions to the same. And we, like the fans of these netizens, have made a list of them for you to enjoy.

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Here's some of the best reactions:

1, 2022

Don't be shy and share your top artists and songs with us in the comments below!

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