Take a look at some stunning pictures of majestic Tigers captured by Indian Wildlife photographers.

Our wildlife is rich and beautiful and capturing all of its essences is one of the most challenging parts. There are a bunch of wildlife photographers in India who are stepping to wild to get a closer look into the sheer natural beauty of the forest. All of the pictures hold a story of many failed attempts that happened before they could get that perfect picture. As photographers, they need to be quite vigilant of their surroundings.

Among many of the wildlife masterpieces, one has to be the Tigers. Tigers fierce, beautiful and powerful making it one of the most distinctive animals of the forest. These magnificent big cats are, however, on a verge of extinction. 29th July is celebrated as International Tiger Day in order to spread awareness about the importance of Tiger conservation around the world. There are a number of threats that tigers around the world face. There are a number of threats that have resulted in their close to extinction. Some of the threats that tigers face include poaching, conflict with humans, and habitat loss. Tiger poaching and the illegal trading of the animals is also a worrying factor for their population. In order to create awareness, we take a look at some of the pictures captured by some of the wildlife photographers in the most beautiful way possible.

Check them out:

Varun Aditya

Ashish Parmar

Amish Mathur

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#tiger My kingdom my world. #leavemealone

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N. A. Naseer

Vikram Potdar

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Maya the Tigress #mayathetigress #tadoba

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Latika Nath

Rathika Ramasamy Photography

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