Friday Streaming - 92 minutes of randomness aka Netflix's Windfall is the newest snoozefest in town

Shachi Lavingia
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Directed by Charlie McDowell, Windfall doesn't know whether it wants to be a social commentary with undertones of comedy or a straight-up noir with a central theme of 'class identity'!

In its attempt of making a social statement, Windfall doesn't give names to any of the characters which is quite frankly extremely annoying because it keeps you from connecting with any of them. As hard as Jason Segel, Lily Collins, and Jesse Plemons try, Windfall doesn't give them enough meat to chew onto.

Cast - After watching Jason Segel in How I Met Your Mother, it's hard to picture him as a 'nobody' who is trying to rob a tech mogul. And it doesn't help that in the role he plays, he sucks at taking someone hostage. Lily Collins tries to bring more meaning to her portrayal of a bored housewife who isn't satisfied with her husband. Jesse Plemons is the only good thing about Windfall.

Storyline - Windfall begins with a man who isn't named throughout the movie, wandering about a vacation home in a desert. After the first 10 minutes, it's evident that this home doesn't belong to him. Just when you start to think that he's the caretaker of the property, you see him stealing some money and a Rolex. As he's about to leave, the owner arrives unexpectedly with his wife and they're startled to find an intruder in their home. With no prior intention or experience in taking someone hostage, the owner aka the CEO of a big tech company literally takes him through the process, yes, he helps the man rob him!

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What I liked - Lily Collins will surprise you with her performance and her character will leave you shaken especially if Emily in Paris is the last you've seen of her! That old-timey background score was so good that it's enough to build the suspense. Jesse Plemons steals the spotlight with his role in Windfall and it's extremely evident because every scene that doesn't have him, sounds boring and dull!

What I didn't quite like - Windfall had so much to work with - a brilliant plot, ridiculously talented actors, and a beautiful location, and it still fails to hold your interest which is probably the most frustrating part about it. You're constantly waiting for something deeper at play, a new twist in the plot or the story, but that moment doesn't arrive until the last ten minutes. The climax is extremely unexpected because instead of building tension, the movie is busy treading muddy waters. The events of the movie feel so random that you're just confused from start to end. It doesn't help that it's ridiculously slow and stretched. I'm still not sure whether I understood it.

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