Social media is flooded with enthralling challenges and influencers are finding interesting ways to interact with their fans while staying indoors. The new Wipe It Down challenge is an entertaining one where folks are transforming into different avatars while wiping down a mirror.

We could socially distance ourselves but can never get distanced from madness and excitement. As much as we despise the morning chores of cleaning and sweeping, these fun-to-do challenges keep us going. Any challenge can get popular in the blink of an eye, but something like a Wipe It Down challenge doesn’t only make cleaning fun but also makes you go from sweatpants to the sassy skirt, or a superhero costume giving you a reason to get over your standard quarantine look. And what’s got us all the more interested, is the fact that some of our favourite influencers have also created their own versions of it!

What is the Wipe It Down challenge? 

The challenge kicked-off with TikToker Rominagafur on April 26, 2020, where she wipes a mirror, only for her look to change halfway through. It became even more interesting when comedian Lauren Compton took part in the challenge by transforming into the character of Harley Quinn.

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Wait What? #harleyquinn #cosplay #wipe

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While some stars stuck to the basics of the challenge, many others reinvented the #WipeItDown Challenge in their own creative ways. Some even called this challenge as something that would make mothers happy since it is about polishing their ever-dirty mirrors.

Watch some videos which might compel you to grab your towel now:

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Wipe wipe wipe it ? . #themermaidscales #funny

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Why me ? ? #wipeitdownchallenge

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Go make your mom happy and wipe it down in style!

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