Is there any field where Indian women don’t excel? Well, we can’t think of any! Bringing you Indian Youtubers you must follow for content that stands apart from rest

YouTube – where you watch a video and 45 minutes later you are watching a chimpanzee on a unicycle eating a banana (pretty sure you are going to be looking this up on YouTube now). But out of all the millions of videos available on that platform, we present to you a list of some of the best women YouTubers you should be subscribed to. Right from comedy to beauty to food, we have a list of the most inspiring, hard-working, yet fun and quirky channels we should be spending hours watching!

  1. Superwoman – Lilly Singh. The super talented comedienne and writer, has more than a million followers. Of course you know about her, I mean, we all do!

  1. Girlyapa – the all women team bring you a range of hilarious and quirky videos all to make you think beyond the cliches! Subscribe to them now.

  1. Sejal Kumar – a lifestyle and fashion channel who is the most followed fashion vlogger

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  1. Ankita Srivastava – she now has her own makeup and beauty related community. The channel is all about her product reviews on makeup, skincare and occasional hair and body care products. But she also has makeup tutorials and much much more!

  1. Kabita Singh – one of the most famous food vlogger in India’s. Now one of the culinary sensations of the country she has more than a million followers!

Already taking notes from them.