Work from home essentials to keep up your productivity

Geetika Sachdev
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work from home essentials

Here's a list of work from home essentials that will make it easy to maintain your productivity and keep stress in check.

After the World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 or Coronavirus as a ‘pandemic’, things have been topsy-turvy. To ensure the safety of employees and continuity in work, organizations have allowed a work from home arrangement until the situation is contained. It may sound easy but it is difficult to isolate yourself from the world. Plus, you get so lazy that you don’t want to get up from your bed. This is why, today, we're looking at some work from home essentials to help you maintain productivity.

At this stage, self-quarantine is the best solution, but work must be done too! Work from home requires self-discipline plus the right tools. And while you’re home, try and wash your hands often (as often as 30 minutes), and follow the 20-second rule. Also, keep a sanitizer handy at all times. Last but not the least, keep your laptop and mobile phone clean, as it collects germs very easily.

Now let’s look at some of the work from home essentials:

A functioning system

The keyword here is functioning. Being away from your desk and office space is usually unnerving and can lead to confusion due to a lack of communication. All this is enough to leave people in a snappy mood and having a laptop or tablet that doesn't function well, will only increase the stress level. So, to avoid all the unnecessary confusion and irritation, ensure that your device is up to date.

A reliable Internet connection and Wi-Fi router

No one can stress enough about a reliable Internet connection and Wi-Fi router to support work from home! A router with a good range makes for a perfect investment, so that you can move it around the house easily, and face no interruptions while completing important tasks.

A comfortable office chair

We all have our seats and cabins at work, but when you function from home, it’s easy to work from your bed. Trust us, it’s a bad idea. Oh, and don’t even use your dining chair - it wreaks havoc on your posture. Invest in a good office chair that supports your backs and helps you work with ease!

Wireless earphones

In an always-on world, it is important to invest in gadgets that enable seamless communication. Our work involves a lot of telephone calls, so it’s a good idea to go for reliable wireless earphones. You can buy Apple AirPods Pro, Galaxy Buds or a pair from any other reliable brand! After all, talking on the phone for hours is quite tedious, especially when you hold it next to your ear all day.

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Power bank

When we live in India, we have to always be prepared for power outages. And since our work involves the use of gadgets like laptops and smartphones, it is a good idea to invest in a power bank that’s reliable and will support you when you need it the most! Buy a fast-charging power bank that enhances your productivity, and doesn’t trouble you while you work! The AMX XP 60 as you can fast charge your laptop, phone, and other devices all at the same time.


Working at home can get quite noisy and distracting if you live with your family, especially, if everyone's at home. So, make sure you have your headphones to cancel out any noise that might interrupt your work or when you have a deadline to meet.


A playlist of your choice

And what good are headphones without a kickass playlist?! Music is also a great way to unwind and refresh your mind, folks. Make sure you have a playlist of your favourite tracks handy.

So what are you waiting for? Get these work from home essentials and make it a smooth experience while not compromising on your productivity.

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