On this World Emoji Day, we roll out some emojis that netizens REALLY want!

Mansi Mirani
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World Emoji Day

Every year, July 17 is celebrated as the World Emoji Day and as far as the social media goes, it is pretty big! Emojis have become a way of expressing emotions virtually for quite some time now. Honestly, haven’t all of us gone a little crazy at some point when the person you’re texting replies without an emoji? What if they’re mad at you, right? That’s how big a part these little icons play nowadays.

While new updates are seen regularly on our emoji boards, this World Emoji Day we thought of looking at some that people still want and haven’t been rolled out yet! Check them out:

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I really think we need a solid black heart as well, you know, get the bitterness out whenever required. No? Just me?

Which emojis do you think are long overdue? Share with us!

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