10 Yashraj Mukhate's music creations that replaced our playlist

Smrithi Mohan
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Yashraj Mukhate music

On the viral sensations' birthday, we decided to list down some of Yashraj Mukhate's music creations that we can't have enough of!

If there is anything that makes the internet an unpredictably exciting mess is people like Yashraj Mukhate who are using their talent to create something catchy out of anything and everything. This musician and creator has become the face of viral content today and he's responsible for turning our cousin's meet-ups and friends' get-togethers into a party as we spend hours re-creating a video of his viral song. Despite us having a list of songs to listen to, Yashraj Mukhate's music has become a new genre of its own today!

Yashraj became a viral sensation during the lockdown although he has been creating music all his life. A trained musician, he has created some originals and also released covers of popular Indian songs. But the one thing that the internet and the netizens love him for is his talent to turn any clip into a song. It wasn't long ago when the entire nation was investigating their rasoda and dancing to Tommy's tunes. He was also responsible for making the internet make dancing Reels on Rakhi Sawant's Bigg Boss crisis. He has since experimented with his content. From practicing his dubbing skills by mimicking Karthik Aaryan's interview voice, taking interviews of well-known musicians from the industry, to him starting a YouTube channel for sharing videos of him doing random things, there's a lot that Yashraj has done over time that has made people go back to his content. No matter what he ventures into, we will forever be fans of his music and this list of Yashraj Mukhate's music creations is proof!

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Check out some of our favorites!

Happy Birthday, Yashraj! Keep creating and entertaining us.

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