#TwitterReacts: The things YOU do for love can get out of hands, so have these reactions

Paawan Sunam
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You Netflix

You, a Netflix series based on a stalker going on next levels to help his "love" get the life she deserves is being widely spoken about on Twitter. And these reactions will help you get the laughs you deserve.

Joe believes in love at first sight, so do I because I fell in love with these memes and reactions, at first sight, and "I think I might really like them".

These reactions are not a maybe, they are the one. Viewers' reactions soaked in memes and heated on their burning feelings, has vaporized nitrous oxide.

The series has garnered good reviews; as according to the viewers it's thrilling and keeps you on your toes. It's well written and shot.

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Though, there's more to it.

Social Media gives people access to your life if you've chosen to post your life on it. The concept of the show is what is rattling through the viewers' minds and giving them the chills.

It is influencing the way they think and their views about dating, stalking and drawing the line. These reactions maybe concerning but sure are funny too. Glance On.

Disclaimer: Spoiler Alert & Laughter Alert.

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