Friday Streaming - You People on Netflix tries to be a social commentary along with a rom-com but ends up doing justice to neither!

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You People

Directed and co written by Kenya Barris, You People pretty much falls flat on its face because of a poorly written script and underutilising its star studded cast in this star crossed lovers plot.

If you belong to a chaotic and dysfunctional family who doesn't quite know when to shut up, you're fairly familiar with the awkwardness, nail biting anxiety and the innate need to put out fires that both set of parents meeting brings up. And that's what You People is essentially about - an interracial couple at the front and centre who decide on making their widely different families meet once they get engaged.

Cast - Jonah Hill, who's co written this movie plays Ezra, who works a desk job in a brokerage firm and runs a podcast on the side with his best friend, Mo (Sam Jay). Lauren London plays Amira, a struggling stylist. Eddie Murphy plays Akbar, Amira's father. Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Shelley, Ezra's mother.

Storyline - After an apparent meet cute, Ezra and Amira get to know each other over dates and bond over their love for sneakers amongst other things. Cut to 6 months later when we see them living together and Ezra has marriage on his mind. With the intention of asking for their daughter's hand, Ezra invites Amira's parents to lunch and seems to struggle with his speech because he's so intimidated by the two of them, especially her father, Akbar! Later, he takes Amira home to meet his family and just like he'd predicted, Shelley, his mother just can't tone it down and keeps talking to Amira about her hair and whether or not she's heard of Pimp My Ride! Inspite of this rocky start, everything is rather manageable until the two families meet and take it a notch higher with their 'who had it worse' conversation - the Jews or the Blacks.

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What I liked - The only interesting scenes in this movie are the ones where Mo and Ezra shoot a podcast together! You People is one of the very few movies that uses an onscreen pair who doesn't conform to narrow body standards unlike most couples we've seen as the main leads and there's no commentary or any jokes at their expense either, so refreshing!

What I didn't quite like - Ezra and Amira's relationship was so rushed right from their meet cute to deciding on forever. You People doesn't seem like a good representation of interracial relationships, inspite of the problems highlighted in the film. Holocaust jokes, dumb plots like the bride's father gate crashing the bachelor party, taking the groom to a Black barbershop, the constant foot in the mouth scenes that Shelley has, they leave you feeling mad when you remember the brilliant cast this movie was working with. Conversations about police brutality, vaccines and Black Lives Matter are thrown around so carelessly that it leaves you questioning the movie as a whole. Amira's whole personality is she likes people who keep it real. Her relationship with Ezra lacks chemistry and connection. While this movie intends to shine light on race relations, interfaith and interracial relationships and comment on today's political climate, it ends up doing a shoddy job at best!

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