YOU on Netflix with its unique way of telling a psychological thriller created a bar too high that season 3 seems unable to uphold.

YOU on Netflix is a series that in its most psychotic way makes you come to terms with your own dark self. Joe Goldberg is a highly toxic maniac but if we look closely, he isn’t very different from us. When we’re busy judging him for his actions, he’s quick to call us out on our own bias and judgments. Maybe the brilliance of the show lies in that even though the larger scheme of things remains the same in its narrative but its chilling narration calling us out of our own judgemental bubble is what hooked us to the show. Unfortunately, YOU S3 takes a long time to get its usual style and pace, hence falling a little short of the stature of its previous seasons.

Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgely) is now married to an equally psychotic partner Love (Victoria Pedretti) for the sake of their child and has moved from L.A to a suburban, white privileged California setup. And while both of them try out to be a normal suburban couple, they can’t help but fall into their dark psychotic patterns. Joe has to find his new obsession which bounces from a neighbor to his baby, Henry to the librarian, Marienne. And Love goes on a spree of psychotic attacks and kills people in it. While this violent couple wreaks silent havoc in a close-knitted community, there are many secrets and truths that are revealed in the process. Open marriages, the rich class being pretentious, so-called boys making a mistake, extra-marital affairs, loneliness, cheating, and many more secrets come out in the open.

Though the show ties on to the theme that even psychopaths have a past and are humans who can be cured, its structure of ten episodes makes it hard to keep track of things. It seems like the ten episodes could have been easily divided between two full seasons but as a whole season, it doesn’t make any sense. Like up till five episodes of the show, baby Henry is really important but suddenly, later on, he’s like the least important person, so much so that you forget that they have a kid at all. It’s like the show took on too many things at once and can’t decide what to focus on really. But it picks up as soon as Joe fixed his focus on Marienne.

The most interesting part is both of them therapizing themselves and understanding their own patterns which are enlightening for the audience as well. Joe and Love pick on some momfluencers and the pretentiousness of the place yet there are moments where these same people show us another side to them.

But that’s enough from us, let’s look at what the janta is saying about YOU S3!

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