No to moral policing: Youth protest by giving away free hugs in Kolkata

Mohammad Kanchwala
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free hugs in Kolkata

In a bizarre and shameful incident of moral policing and mob (in)justice, two youngsters from Kolkata were beaten up by a group of fellow travellers for apparent public indecency. And now, in their own kind of protest the youth is showing what they believe in by giving out free hugs in Kolkata!

A young couple being assaulted for ‘standing too close to each other’ is something you would never want to hear of, let alone in a city as urbane and progressive as Kolkata. Yet sometimes, such incidents do end up happening but by offering free hugs in Kolkata, these young rebels are making sure that this does not set a precedent, and never turns into a norm in their beloved city.

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Not letting fear or such regressive mindsets dictate the lives of the people of Kolkata, these youngsters took charge of the situation, gathering outside Tollygunge Metro station, giving free hugs to people. Letting their voices be heard and spreading love, they also made it clear to the miscreants from Wednesday’s unfortunate incident that hatred has no place in Kolkata and will not be tolerated.

As soon as news broke out, and news publishers began reporting the protest about the youth giving away free hugs in Kolkata, Twitter users applauded their peaceful yet strong statement.

Armed with posters and hugs, these young guns brought about a breath of freshness and positivity that has been absent from the news lately as all we here are incidents of nagativity, hatred and violence.

Way to go Kolkata.

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