This Youtube vs Tiktok fight has got creators and audiences divided in opinion

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The internet has gone wild with how the entire Youtube vs Tiktok fight is unraveling.

The Internet is a crazy place with people ending up fighting for a number of reasons. The recent on being a YouTube vs TikTok fight between the fans of the respective apps. The musical app TikTok has faced a lot of criticism in the past regarding its content. Memes and roast related to the app has trended before. This fight, in particular, is said to have started after an Indian YouTuber Elvish Yadav uploaded a TikTok roast video on his channel.

In response to this YouTube roast, Indian TikTokers like Revolver Rani and Amir Siddiqui retaliated with their roast. However, the IGTV Video was eventually deleted by Amir following the backlash that he received online.

This was then followed by another roast video by YouTuber Samrat in response to the same.

Elvish Yadav also got back at Amir after the former claimed that the latter had made a personal attack on him by posting the video.

Indian TikToker Awez Darbar also joined the conversation to neutralize hate with a video suggesting each platform/creator has its own merits and all creators should focus on creating rather than hating on each other.

Indian YouTuber Ajey Nagar aka Carryminati is well-known for his roasts in India. He uploaded a video roasting some of the TikTokers of India and it has created a stir online. The video hit 2 million views within 2 hours of its upload and has become a buzzing talk in the online community since.

And after Carry's video yesterday Ashish Chanchlani came out in support with some tweets and stories too.

Joining this YouTube vs TikTok conversation, YouTubers Bhuvan Bam, Harsh Beniwal, Amit Bhadana have also shared Insta stories.

Netizens also joined in and are sharing funny and sarcastic memes. With the TikTok fans defending themselves, things have gone crazy online. There have been a number of Youtube vs Tiktok memes online.

Take a look at these Youtube vs Tiktok memes:

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