Food is bae – This is an undisputed fact and shall remain true till the end of time. Whether you’re a meat lover, a vegetarian, a vegan or a fitness enthusiast food offers something to everyone. Zomato has now come up with a new add-on for its Gold members and the foodie within you is about to scream with joy!

The recent times have been extremely kind to foodies with new-age restaurants, flea markets, street food stalls, and food festivals coming up so often. Not to mention the food apps that get us amazing discounts and coupons giving us another reason to commit gluttony without any guilt. Well, now, one of the major food delivery services in India has a new feature added to its already existing one and it will surely get you drooling.

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The new add-on is an added option called Zomato Infinity Dining for their Gold members and opens up a world of food options for people who enjoy a good dining experience. As the name suggests, it is a unique ‘All you can eat and drink’ experience that gives you the option of relishing any dish from the restaurant’s menu in an unlimited quantity. That’s not all, my fellow foodies, Zomato Infinity Dining also gives you access to an open bar! Zomato shares, “This is a global first for such an experience to be introduced in the dining space and India becomes the first country to offer such a choice at scale.”

The value-added service may have been recently introduced but Zomato Infinity Dining is already available in 350+ best restaurants and bars in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. Find out more about it here.