Check out how people reacted to this adorable Zoom meeting of a wife trying to kiss her husband.

Zoom call blunders and gestures are the new type of videos that are enjoyed and shared online. We have seen it all. From people getting married to students starting a flash mob on the Zoom meetings. This new normal took over our entire year of quarantine with screens becoming our new friend. Our day is all about ‘can you see me’ and ‘you are on mute’.

While this is a place of work meetings, we also were able to churn out a number of meme-worthy content out it. We were just getting over a video of Doctor Agarwal getting scolded by his wife for taking vaccine without her when popular businessman Harsh Goenka posted an adorable video of a wife and husband on Twitter.

It is so adorable that it will leave every singles wanting for a bae. While Shweta forgot to mute herself on her meeting, this wife had no idea that the video was on. The video shows a wife showing off her affection for her husband as she leans to kiss him only for him to warn her that he is on a call. Although the husband flitches in embarrassment, her smile is everything. It is pure and filled with love. People had their own reactions for the same.

Here’s how people reacted to the video:

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