We binged on Call My Agent Bollywood, Dice Media’s Clutch, and SonyLIV’s Your Honor 2 this November.

OTT platforms provided us with the option of choosing a series to watch this November for some much-needed spice. From Dice Media’s Clutch, the first Esports series in India to Netflix’s Call My Agent Bollywood, an adaptation of a popular French show to SonyLIV’s Tryst with Destiny, an anthology that was highly critically acclaimed, here’s what we thought after binging on these web series in November!

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Your Honor 2– (SonyLIV)

Based on the Indian Law System, Your Honor on Sony LIV is set in Ludhiana, Punjab, and tells the story of a reputed judge, Bishan Khosla who breaks the law ten times over to keep his son from going to jail with a half-baked plan that would never work in 2021. At a time when we have a masterpiece like Sacred Games, cop conspiracies and rival gang-based TV series need to up their game with well-written scripts, casting, and cinematography for starters!

Dice Media’s Clutch(YouTube)

Esports is a sports category that’s still an alien concept in India even though it’s recently been recognized in the Olympics. But in a country where video games are for children how do Esports and virtual reality find a place as a profession? This is the journey that Dice Media’s Clutch focuses on with its story and characters. Yes, it’s the first Esports series in India but the show follows Arun (Vishal Vashishtha), Adil (Tirth Joisher), Prachi (Ahsaas Channa), Jeetu (Saurabh Ghadge), and Raunak‘s journey (Prateek Pachauri) with figuring out their place in Esports and taking part in a gaming competition.

Tryst With Destiny– (SonyLIV)

Anthology series is a format that tells many stories under a single belt and it also brings different creative minds together as each story is helmed by different people. But to call Tryst with Destiny on SonyLIV just an anthology would be subverting its artistic ingenious. This series is divided into four different stories of a human’s struggle with their pre-defined destiny and showcases how color, class, caste, and greed still decide people’s fate in our society. Also, all the episodes are helmed by the same people; they’re written and directed by Prashant Nair, cinematography by Avinash Arun, and edited by Xavier BoxTryst with Destiny was showcased in the Tribecca Film Festival and won the best screenplay award.

Call My Agent Bollywood– (Netflix)

First of all, we need to be clear on the definition of adaptation of a book or movie, or show. Is it an exact copy-pasted version of the original or does it take the concept and make it its own? While we don’t know which one is the legit way for this to be done, it seems like neither do the makers of Call My Agents Bollywood! Because if adaptations will fetch us such a bad replica of a great show and end up destroying the original then we much rather make what we know. Dix Pour Cent or Call My Agent is a french show that showcases behind the scenes of the filmmaking industry in an exaggerated humorous manner where actors agents are the main leads and the filmmaking industry is the shining bright star. But Call My Agent Bollywood is plain confusing!

Which web series did you binge on this November and what is your take on them? Do tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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