Instagram has some really nerdy academia pages that talk about books, aesthetics, fashion and whatnot. Check out the list!

Are you a literary nerd? Is academia your ardent love? Do you love learning? Are you the kind of nerd who is buried in books all day? Do you love reading stories that have pain and tragedy? The books that reach the depth of human emotions? Do you love the fictional world more than the real world? If the answer to these questions is “Yes!”, then you’ll definitely love the academia pages we have collated!

For all the academia fans here, we have compiled a list of the most charming Instagram pages which will give you the coolest academia aesthetics. These pages have everything your geek-self will love including book recommendations, quotes, fandoms, academic fashion sense and a lot more.

So, here are the best academic pages on Instagram for literary delight. Go ahead and feed your inner bookworm.

Silly academia by Becky- @henrydefencesquad

Source- Instagram| @henrydefencesquad

Indian Academia- @indian.academia

Source- Instagram| @indian.academia

Dark Academia- @dxrkacademia

Source- Instagram| @dxrkacademia

Literature Whore- @literaturewhore

Source- Instagram| @literaturewhore

Pratik Dherange- @deadpoetstribe

Source- Instagram| @deadpoetstribe

The Lit Nerd- @__thelitnerd_

Source- Instagram |@__thelitnerd_

Dark Academia by Liz- @bookish.historian

Source- Instagram | @bookish.historian

Kat- @fieldsofliterature

Source- Instagram| @fieldsofliterature

Dark Academia Poets- @wedarkacademia

Source- Instagram| @wedarkacademia

The Art of Academics- @theartofacademics

Source- Instagram| @theartofacademics

Art of Dying Slowly- @artofdyingslowly

Source- Instagram| @artofdyingslowly

Valvet Days- @valvet.days

Source- Instagram| @valvet.days

Aesthintagee- @aesthintagee

Source- Instagram| @aesthintagee

Maeva- @maevaeatsbooks

Source- Instagram| @maevaeatsbooks

Stardustville- @stardustville

Source- Instagram| @stardustville

Aren’t these pages a treat to the eyes?

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