Afsos: The intriguing Gulshan Devaiah starrer will turn you into a dark humour fan

Priyanka Parmar
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Gulshan Devaiah's latest Amazon Prime Video Original series, Afsos, is engaging, dark and will make you hate yourself for loving the morbid humour but in a good way!

Anirban Dasgupta and Dibya Chatterjee's passion project took 4 years of writing and 6 months of screenplay. I mean, it has to be passion if it took so long, right? Unless they're masochists much like the people who could take the train but love taking the road and getting stuck in Mumbai's traffic for hours. BUT unlike the traffic, their Amazon Prime Original, Afsos starring Gulshan Devaiah doesn't make you want to curse or kill someone. In fact, the dark humour in the show will make you laugh sometimes with and mostly at the guy who is, in fact, hell-bent on getting himself killed. Who are we kidding, you will only find yourselves laughing at the situations he gets himself into because which person with suicidal thoughts laughs, guys?!

Team Social Ketchup got a preview of the show last night and the only Afsos we have is not getting to binge-watch the whole thing right there! Creators, Anirban and Dibya brought on director Anubhuti Kashyap to bring to life the crazy story they'd been working on for so long and what a great job she has done with it. The treatment of each second that you see on screen is kept ordinary and yet engaging enough to keep you hooked. What brings together the scenes and adds another layer to dark humour is the music. The songs and background music done by Neel Adhikari stay true to the genre of the show. The two other things that stood out for us were, first, the way death is treated as a mere commodity. It's like walking going up to a vegetable seller and asking, "Bhaisaab, mujhe dhaniya chahiye, milega kya?" The other one being the subtle placement of references and odes left for their favourites, including the Coen Brothers.

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 Coming to Gulshan Devaiah, the man is talented, there's no doubt in that. Kudos to the creators for chasing him for as long as they did because not many could pull-off the character of a suicidal writer whose life feels like a dark comedy itself, as well as he does. The other actors who make an impression are Ratnabali Bhatacharjee, Ujjwal Chopra, Anjali Patil and Heeba Shah. The entire cast is well-chosen and it shows.

Check out the trailer here:


Afsos is now out on Amazon Prime Video. Go check it out and tell us what you thought of it!

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