The Avengers STATION is in India for the first time ever and you do not want to miss it!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a global phenomenon. Millions of fans across the globe have fallen in love with the world created by Stan Lee and many others. From graphic comics to some of the most thrilling, engaging and emotional. Yes, emotional. You’d be lying if you said, you don’t have an emotional connect with the MCU! It has several outstanding movies and story-lines spread across various franchises. The most famous and the highest grosser being, Avengers. We’ve followed the story, watched the heroes rise and fall only to rise again together and stronger. The Avengers Endgame may have brought the series to an end but our love for it only grows. We have several parks, rides and experiential events all over the globe that make us feel closer to the characters we so loved on-screen. One such special showcase is the Avengers STATION – The Exhibit. And guess what?! It has come to India for the first time!

Team Social Ketchup was one of the first few to actually have access to this specially created arena. It has insights about our favourite Avengers along with interactive games and videos. All of which make it an incomparable experience for every Avengers super fan. Being at Avengers STATION – The Exhibit is like being a child in a candy store but SO much better, for the super fans at least. Why?! Well, besides the interactive games and life-size models, the exhibit also has the original costumes and props used in the films! YES, YOU CAN FREAK-OUT RIGHT ABOUT NOW.

Right from the initiation by Agent Hill to Iron Man – the many versions and suits he made to activating the Tesseract, the bad guys and the Endgame there’s so much to do in every inch of the space. The only downside is that you might not find a couple of your favourite Avengers STATION in there but there’s still a lot to love about.

Take a look at what the Avengers STATION looks like:

Avengers STATION Avengers STATION

Avengers STATION

Events like Avengers STATION – The Exhibit don’t happen every day which is why we had to speak to the two men and ardent fans of the franchise who made it all possible – MrKunal Khambati, Head – Live events & IP at BookMyShow and MrMichael Mattox, Chief Operations Officer & Chief Technical Officer, Cityneon and Victory Hill Exhibitions.

Here’s what Kunal has to say about the first ever Avengers STATION in India:

Michael also shared his insights with us and here’s how it went:

Avengers STATION – The Exhibit is open until the 17th of November at High Street Phoenix in Mumbai!