Greta Gerwig- the filmmaker who is the poster child for flipping the narrative!

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Greta Gerwig

Greta Gerwig

Cannes Film Festival 2024 has Greta Gerwig as the president of the jury of the main competition, and here is us diving into her work to know how she became the filmmaker who is changing the game for good! 

Greta Gerwig is one of the most sought-after filmmakers these days, especially after her stint with Barbie last year, the highest-grossing film at the box office. Even though she didn't win an Academy Award, she is soaringly and making a name for herself. She is leading the Cannes Film Festival 2024 as the president of the jury, which includes names like Lily Gladstone, Eva Green, Omar Sy, Juan Antonio Bayona, Kore-eda Hirokazu, Ebru Ceylan, and others. Gerwig is regarded as one of the most impertinent and independent filmmakers of the mumblecore movement—a subgenre of indie films that emphasizes dialogue over plot and is more natural and low-budget.

This is quite evident in her filmography, especially some of her earlier projects like Frances Ha. And there is another tool she often uses to keep forth her point - comedy like in Barbie. Today, many know her as a writer-director-producer but she is also a talented actor who has worked with many directors like Wes Anderson, Noah Baumbach, Woody Allen, and others. As the festival goes on in full swing, here is a look into some of Gerwig's work over the years that has made her the auteur filmmaker she is today.

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Check them out! 

Lady Bird

As Greta's first solo directorial project, the film is a testament to the coming-of-age genre and brings changes to it by painting an honest portrayal of the life of a confused young teenage girl who, coming from the wrong side of the tracks, carries big dreams in her eyes. 

Little Women

Adapting a classic English literature gem, Greta's film tries to tell the writer's real-life story while paying an ode to a fictional one that made her rise to fame. It brings a fresh perspective to the lives of these young little women, who represent the repressive lives of women. 


Bringing the much-beloved doll Barbie back to life with all her pink glory, Greta's film, under the guise of comedy, attempts to understand how beauty standards and patriarchy play with the gender dynamics of our world. 

Frances Ha 

One of the most popularly quoted films, it is co-written and acted in by Greta herself. In it, she explores the adventures of a 27-year-old dancer living alone in New York, figuring out her living situation, and finding love. It is a great example of mumblecore! 

Maggie's Plan 

This romantic comedy, starring Greta as an actor, has one of the craziest plots. A woman wanting to be a single mother somehow ends up getting hitched to a married man, but soon after, due to her failing marriage, she tries to reconnect him with his ex-wife. 


Another romantic comedy starring Greta as an actor, this one explores the relationship between a man who agrees to house-sit for his brother after having a mental breakdown and ends up falling for his brother's assistant. 

Nights and Weekends

Greta co-wrote and acted in this film, which explores the life of a couple who figure out the strains and tension of a long-distance relationship. 

Hannah Takes the Stairs 

One of her very early projects, co-written and acted in by Greta, this one is a comedy that explores the life of a young girl interning in a production company who finds herself stuck while wanting to find her Mr. Right but also falling for two guys in her company simultaneously. 

This is just a short snippet of her massive filmography, which also includes plays and many more independent films, to give you a jist of how unique this filmmaker's voice is and how it needs to be heard more! 

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