#BingeRewind: 8 movies in 2023 that left a bad taste in our mouth

Aishwarya Srinivasan
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From misogyny to common sense leaving the chat, this year was plagued with some really questionable movies on-screen and we’re here to discuss what went wrong with each one of them!

Sometimes a good idea just falls flat because the pieces fail to connect and make a whole good film. Or sometimes everyone from the maker to the audience knows that the movie is outright problematic from the start and go ahead with it anyway. This year we saw Adipurush create havoc on social media with its underwhelming VFX and dialogues that just did not match that era. Then came Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan where expressions, a good story, and logic, the three pillars of a good movie were absent and we all were left scratching our heads. And it seemed like movies that do not make sense were a theme this year as Shehzada, Ganapath and Gumraah, all followed the same pattern and failed miserably on-screen.

Kangana Ranaut’s Tejas was also unsuccessful at the box office and in terms of impressing the audience. While all of these films were outright below average, two films made huge collections at the theaters but were beyond problematic to say the least. Animal left most of us appalled as to how someone can make such a film in today’s time and think it’s okay to casually trigger the viewers about sensitive matters. Then there’s Gadar 2 which might’ve sold on the nostalgia factor but also brought in a lot of gore and jingoism.

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Here’s why each of them left us in disbelief over how they were decided to be made in the first place!


When the trailer came out for this film, the viewers trolled it for its weird and unnatural VFX so the makers decided to take some more time to fix the issue and pushed the release date of the film. Turns out, even after taking time, it was still underwhelming as it just did not sit right for anyone. And then there were the dialogues. It was weird to see Hanuman ji speaking the way we would speak casually to our friends. It was a whole different period of time and the way the characters spoke was just not matching outright.


The film made 600 crores worldwide which is a disturbing fact because the film has sexual harassment, domestic abuse, gore violence and all of these were casually shown without any consequences. It objectifies women right from the first frame till the last. Animal left us feeling sick in our stomach while also questioning what the whole point was of this story, and also made us retrospect why people are finding such films entertaining in the first place. It started a lot of important conversations on social media about how films like these could normalize such behavior in young adults and could also trigger women who are stuck in similar situations at home. 

Kisika Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan

After watching enough of Salman bhai's films, you know you’re going to keep your brain at home and walk into the theatre. From his acting to the songs, everything had one thing in common in this one - zero effort, which was very clear since the trailer of the film came out.


The lack of a good narrative fails to connect with the audience and wastes Kangana Ranaut’s potential as an actor as well.


Shehzada was an entertainer that just forgot to entertain. With slapstick comedy and a confusing plot, this film was easily one of the big budget films that did not fair well this year.

Gadar 2

This film marked Sunny Deol’s comeback into our social media feeds. It hit the nostalgia spot for sure. Be it casting the same leads or the ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ dialogue, the makers knew the viewers wanted. While that worked, it still wasn’t so wise to show so much gore, hyper masculinity and jingoism at the same time as well. It again adds to the list of films that make us retrospect what our society even finds engaging and why it is so.


The film looked like they were trying to make a mass entertainer combined with many things inspired from the Marvel Cinematic Universe but the execution of it fizzled miserably. It was again a waste of a talent. For example - Amitabh Bachchan in this story just did not have much to offer.


Remaking South Indian movies has been the trend for a while and Gumraah jumped on that bandwagon as well. It was a scene by scene remake of the popular Tamil film, Thadam. But even after it being Thadam's carbon copy, it didn’t stick well with the audience, especially with the ones who have already watched the original one and had no sense of thrill left. 

What are your thoughts on these films? Let us know in the comments below!

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