#BingeRewind: 10 underrated Hindi shows of 2023!

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underrated Hindi shows of 2023

underrated Hindi shows of 2023

#LetsKetchup: These underrated Hindi shows of 2023 deserved a lot more appreciation than they got for packing in entertainment with some educational value! 

'Underrated' - a word that's often misunderstood or difficult to put into context when it comes to content. In a simple sense, it's content that didn't get as much attention as it deserved. With the plethora of content releasing throughout the year, it's bound to happen that we tend to miss out on some valuable shows and movies. So here are some underrated Hindi show of 2023 that needed more attention not just because they were good shows but because they had so much to offer! 

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Check them out!

Kaalkoot - JioCinema 

In a pool of crime thrillers, this one not only follows an investigation of an acid attack and catching the culprit but also deals with unpacking and reconstructing the idea of masculinity and the various stereotypes attached to it. Despite starring Vijay Varma, and Shweta Tripathi, the series didn't get as much attention.

Jehanabad of Love and War - SonyLIV

Based on a real incident of a prison attack in Jehanabad in 2005, this crime thriller contrasts an innocent love story with the backdrop of the politics of a place like Jehanabad where rules and laws didn't mean much. Even with having Sudhir Mishra attached to this piece and featuring a talented cast, the series wasn't watched as much! 

Gutar Gu - Amazon Mini TV 

A short-form story with just 5 episodes, this sweet innocent story of young teenagers in school dealing with crushes and tuition classes takes us down the memory lane when we all felt that first flutter of romance. Even though this was a product of Sikhya Entertainment, it didn't find a good number of audience! 

Charlie Chopra and the Mystery of Solang Valley - SonyLIV

A one-of-a-kind investigative thriller adapted from the book by Agatha Christie, this dark humor series establishes India's official female investigator, Charlie Chopra, as she, along with her companion Sitaram goes on to solve the Brigadier's murder in the snow-filled valleys of Solang. Made by Vishal Bhardwaj, this series didn't reach as many people as it should have!

School of Lies - Disney+ Hotstar 

A back-to-school ride where living in a hostel on the foggy hills with sinister darkness looming large over the innocence forms the basis of the story, School of Lies with a dark take on childhood and exploration of trauma was one of the gems this year. It was brilliant in every department but this nuanced portrayal didn't get as applauded as it should have been! 

Who's Your Gynac - Amazon Mini TV

Looking into the life of a young gynecologist who has just started her clinic, Who's Your Gynac also focuses on the crisis she faces in her profession. It demystifies and reconstructs the stereotypes around the vagina in a light-hearted way. It starred Saba Azad and took a unique approach to talking about a taboo subject but still couldn't find a firm footing amongst the audience!  

Choona - Netflix  

A heist comedy thriller based on misfits of society who find a common enemy in a corrupt politician and hatch a scheme to take revenge against him, this series did find its audience but with such an interesting approach to storytelling, it didn't get the appreciation it could have! Its release date also kept shifting!

Trial By Fire - Netflix 

A journey to unearth the truth and bring justice to their kids, two parents fight the battle in court against the Uphaar tragedy where a fire inside the theatres took the lives of many. Even though the series was talked about and Rajshree Pandey was praised for her acting skills, it didn't get as much attention as it should have!  

P.I. Meena - Amazon Prime Video 

Another detective series of the year where a private detective, while dealing with her own traumatic past, tries to uncover the truth behind a deadly virus spread that looks like a bioterror attack in Kolkata amidst all the political pressure. Even though it falters a little, it was an engaging series with a unique idea.

Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke - Zee5

This is an action thriller series based on a woman's journey who's navigating being a mother as well as leading an investigation in an ISIS-K bomb attack case as an IPS officer. Given that it was made by Srijit Mukherjee and had a talented cast, the show wasn't known and watched by many! 

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