Books based on Hindu mythology to read while you wait for Brahmastra part 2

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Books based on Indian mythology to read while you wait for Brahmastra part 2

If you're a Hindu mythology fan, here are the books that you can read while you wait for Brahmastra part 2!

One of the most anticipated movies of recent times, Ayan Mukerji's 'Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva', based on Hindu mythology, was released on September 9 making a roar at the box office. While it garnered a lot of attention for its king-sized VFX, it also earned flak for its loose storytelling and non-relatable dialogues. The buzz surrounding the film has calmed down, but the anticipation for its sequel hasn't. Many are waiting for Brahmastra part 2 hoping that it will be better than the first. After all, Hindu mythology is filled with rich, diverse, and complex tales. So, while you wait for Brahmastra's sequel, you might as well brush up on your knowledge of Hindu mythology. Hence, we have curated a list of Indian mythology books that you can read in the meanwhile.

Check them out!

The Shiva Trilogy - Amish Tripathi

The Shiva Trilogy is perhaps one of the first names to occur in one's mind when one thinks of contemporary Hindu mythology books. The Trilogy consists of 'Immortals of Meluha', 'The Secret of the Nagas', and 'The Oath of the Vayuputras '. The first book talks about Lord Shiva whose karma re-cast him as Mahadev, the God of Gods. In the second book, his vengeance and the path to evil lead him to the door of the Nagas, the serpent people. The final part book reveals the last and vigorous journey that Shiva undertakes in order to destroy evil. This trilogy is one of the highest-selling Hindu mythology books.

The Palace of Illusions - Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

The Palace of Illusions reimagines and tells the Mahabharata from the point of view of Draupadi aka Panchaali. The novel traces Panchaali's life and redefines the saga of warriors by using a female voice. This book is a cultural mix of mythology and feminism.

Asura: Tale Of The Vanquished, The Story of Ravana and His People - Anand Neelakantan

History is often written by the victorious. However, this book explores the life of the one who was defeated but left an imprint nevertheless. The book more importantly looks at the life of Asuras under the rule of Devas as well as Ravana. As per the author, "Asura is the epic tale of the vanquished Asura people, a story that has been cherished by the oppressed castes of India for 3000 years."

Myth = Mithya: A Handbook of Hindu Mythology - Devdutt Patnaik

Devdutt Patnaik is perhaps the most controversial yet celebrated author when it comes to Hindu mythology. In this book, Pattanaik breaks down the complicated and often contradictory Hindu mythology decoding Hindu symbols and traditions, and provides a context to the rituals followed by Hindus. 

The Pregnant King - Devdutt Patnaik

As the blurb goes, "This is the story of Yuvanashva, a childless king, who accidentally drinks a magic potion meant to make his queens pregnant and gives birth to a son. It is also the story of his mother Shilavati, who cannot be king because she is a woman; of young Somvat, who surrenders his genitals to become a wife; of Shikhandi, a daughter brought up as a son, who fathers a child with a borrowed penis; of Arjuna, the great warrior with many wives, who is forced to masquerade as a woman after being castrated by a nymph; of Ileshwara, a god on full-moon days and a goddess on new-moon nights; and of Adi-natha, the teacher of teachers, worshipped as a hermit by some and as an enchantress by others." 

Which book are you excited to read?

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