The script of Chhello Show will be a part of Oscar Library’s Core Collection!

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Script of Chhello Show to be part of Oscar Library’s Core Collection

Pan Nalin’s Oscars-shortlisted Last Film Show (Chhello Show) has been invited to include its screenplay in the permanent Core Collection of the Oscar Library.

In yet another incredible honor, Pan Nalin’s Oscars-shortlisted "Last Film Show (Chhello Show)" has been invited to include its screenplay in the permanent Core Collection of the Oscar Library. The Gujarati-language coming-of-age drama recently created history by becoming the first Indian film in 21 years to be shortlisted for the Best International Feature Film award at the 95th Academy Awards. The Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences wrote to Monsoon Films, one of the producers of Last Film Show along with Roy Kapur Films and Jugaad Motion Pictures, that they are interested in acquiring a copy of the screenplay of Last Film Show for their permanent Core Collection.

The Oscar Academy’s Margaret Herrick Library is a non-circulating reference and research collection devoted to the history and development of the motion picture as an art form and an industry. Established in 1928 and now located in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, the library is open to the public and used year-round by students, scholars, historians, and industry professionals.

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Delighted with the inclusion, director Pan Nalin said, “I have always believed in sharing what I do because I have nothing else to give except my love for cinema and filmmaking. I have visited and enjoyed this amazing Oscar library where masterworks are being archived in its Core Collection. I am ecstatic and delighted that now between the scripts of Last Action Hero and Lawrence of Arabia, will live the script of Last Film Show.”

Set in Kathiawad, the screenplay of Last Film Show is written by Pan Nalin and is loosely based on his childhood and his friendship with Mohamad bhai, who used to be a film projector operator at the local cinema. The Gujarati dialogue adaptation was done by Keyu Shah. The 80-page screenplay used on set while shooting the film also includes spontaneous storyboards and sketches drawn by Pan Nalin.

The film was produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur, Dheer Momaya, and Pan Nalin. And released by Samuel Goldwyn Films in the US and by Roy Kapur Films in India. Orange Studios is releasing the film in France, while Shochiku Studios and Medusa are bringing it to Japanese and Italian cinemas respectively.


Chhello Show is currently streaming on Netflix.

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