Twitter Talks All Things About College In Six Words

Smrithi Mohan
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college in six words

Done with college or not, one can never stop talking about it. People talk about college in six words on Twitter and we can't agree more.

Talk about college life and memories just kick in. No matter where you are, what you are doing you'll always miss your college days. That time when you only cared about minimum attendance, shared one bottle of water or a meal with many thirsty and hungry souls, mass bunks, spent most of your time at your favourite hang-out spot etc. There are so many emotions and memories to cherish. Talking about these memories of college in six words doesn't seem possible, but Tweeple are up for the challenge.

The tonight show with Jimmy Fallon started a trend #collegeinsixwords that made people share or describe their college life in six words. And some of these are really funny, or should I say something we really agree on.

Here are some of the tweets people made talking about college in six words:

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Tell us about you #CollegeInSixWords in the comments below.

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