Make digital creators on Instagram your fashion inspiration this Lohri. Here’s a list of some of the fanciest Lohri outfits.

Happy Lohri, everyone! We might have had a rough start of 2021 with chaos all around, but the festive season is here. The beautiful occasions of Lohri, Makar Sankranti and Pongal are here at our doorsteps. Today, we shall forget all the mayhem that 2020 caused and celebrate. After all, India loves a good celebration. After a sad year, owing to the pandemic, people will go out today to meet friends and family to celebrate the happy occasion. We will see everyone dressing up their best, enjoying delicacies and dancing their hearts out around the bonfire. Here’s how Creatos are looking the part on this festive day!

If not, don’t worry. As usual, Instagram is here as your best advisor/BFF. It has all the fashion inspiration that you’re looking for. However, we don’t want you to waste time scrolling through thousands of Instagram pages for it. Leave that to us. We have jotted down some of the fanciest Lohri outfits which can serve as your last-minute fashion inspiration. Just scroll down this article, and in no time you will have the right outfit in mind for tonight’s celebration.

So, here are some of the most simple-yet-classy Lohri looks for your fashion inspiration. Check them out!

Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan

Source: Instagram| @shauryasanadhya

Preksha Rana

Source: Instagram| @preksha_rana_official

Harshit Mittal

Source: Instagram| @harshitmittal15

Esha Chawla

Source: Instagram| @ishachawla63

Sanjana Singh

Source: Instagram| @sanjanasingh_official

Maan Singh

Source: Instagram| @oyeitsmaan

RavNeet Kaur Bhatia

Source: Instagram| @ravneetkbhatia

Aakshhey M Kashyapp

Source: Instagram| @aakshikashyapofficial

Chumki Sharma

Source: Instagram| @chumki.sharma

Alisha Rajput

Source: Instagram| @alisharajput_22

Nilkanth Jariwala

Source: Instagram| @nilkanth.jari

Ritu Singh

Source: Instagram| @ritu.singh27

Nibeditaa Paal

Source: Instagram| @i_nibedita

Archana Gupta

Source: Instagram| @archannaguptaa

Aayushi Bangur

Source: Instagram| @aayushibangur

Ready to shine?

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