Friday The 13th Memes That People Who Are Scared Of The Day Can't Miss

Priyanka Parmar
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Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th is here and so are some of the most hilarious memes!

Friday the 13th has had an infamous reputation since the middle ages. From tragic historic events to some plain old superstition, the day has earned itself the 'black sheep of the family' label. It began with everything that went down during the Last Supper where Jesus predicted his 13th disciple Judas' betrayal to him. Over the years, witchcraft, the Devil's references and many other superficial things have been attached to Friday The 13th making it the dreaded day for some but also the longest-running meme!

Well, it is Friday the 13th again and while the occurrence takes place a few times a year, what makes this one special is that it also happens to be a Full Moon today. The next time this happens will be in 2049! Interesting, no? There are many stories and facts that will leave you amused but we're today, we're looking at some Friday The 13th memes that will leave you laughing out loud.

Check out some of the most hilarious memes here:

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