Twitter Erupts With iPhone11 Memes In Anticipation Of The New Phone

Priyanka Parmar
Sep 10, 2019 12:53 IST
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iPhone11 memes

iPhone and memes have a connection as old as time. Okay, may not that old you get the point. Apple is all set to launch its latest offering to the gadget lovers in the form of iPhone11, iPhone11 Pro, and iPhone11 Pro Max. With the launch only a few hours away, the buzz is high and so is the excitement as the phone will apparently have 3 cameras. And as expected, the cost for it will also be sky-high. The loyalists are ready to splurge and the other hand people who share no special connect with the tech brand are ready with a handful of killer iPhone11 memes.

We scoured the Twitterverse to bring you some of the most hilarious memes. Not just because we enjoy it. Nope, definitely not because of that.

Check out the savage iPhone11 memes out there:

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For those who aren't laughing at the iPhone11 memes (which is highly unlikely) and are still waiting for iPhone with anticipation, here's something to look forward to:


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