With the Lok Sabha elections just around the corner, your social media feeds are bound to be bombarded with political propaganda. These GIFs will help you stay sane!

It’s that time of the year when you are likely to be spending a great chunk of your day consuming political propaganda. The mud-slinging is bound to increase and the promises will go higher. Here are a few lessons that will help you stay sane through the chaos that is building behind your screen, bubbling through the fingers of opinion creators.

PSA: Remember that all you need to do is pick a good Member of Parliament (MP) — you don’t have a direct say in who becomes the Prime Minister, so let’s stick to your bit for a bit and choose carefully, okay? Good luck!

All that rhymes is a potentially a deceiving illusion

Question all the information you are.. served!

Ask: Am I getting influenced by hate speech?

Look closer: Pictures can be morphed, remember!

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Dig deeper if you want to have a factual opinion

Cut through the jumlas and find those facts!

Check your MPs speeches & media interactions

And errr… crime records should be looked at too!

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Think: What do you really need from your MP?

Your opinion can differ from your fam & it’s okay!

Bonus: Now you are ready to take on the world!