HBO Max plans on creating a live-action Harry Potter TV series

Smrithi Mohan
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Harry Potter TV series

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Harry Potter's live-action TV series is in talks to happen on HBO Max.

The muggles have another reason to rejoice as the Harry Potter TV series is in the works. With superheroes and Jedi masters making their way into Television, it was only time for the wizarding world to swing their wands and join the club. HBO Max has been giving fans a lot of shows and films to look up to.

The Warner Bros streaming platform will be releasing some much-awaited movies at the same time it will be released in theatres. Fans have been counting on the days since its announcement. Television has now become a joyful place with giants like Star Wars and Marvel entering the space with new stories. According to reports, talks of a live-action Harry Potter TV series are becoming apparent. Although there is no concrete deal, HBO Max and Warner Bros. are doing their part in trying to bring the magical franchise on the small screen. The idea is only on the pitching stage with no writers or talents attached to it.

There is a lot that fans wish to see unfold and come to life from the wizarding world. The universe is so larger than any story surrounding the Hogwarts will be a delight to watch.

How excited are you to see it happen? Tell us in the comments below.

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