From creating festive content on 'Khalasi' to trying the AI trend, this Reels roundup is your social media guide

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Instagram surely had some trends in store for us, this week. Scroll through the trends roundup if you too are looking to try something fun.

Is your brain not braining apart from playing 'Gotilo, tame gotilo gotilo gotilo' on repeat? This week we saw a number of creators creating Navratri-centric content and it seems like we can make a Navratri playlist of our own just by scrolling. Coke Studio hit 'Khalasi' has taken over our feeds and with Navratri approaching, we have people dancing, creating content, and vibing on this song. The fact that it is composed by the talented musicians Aditya Gadhvi and Achint makes it even better. Another trend that was widely liked and tried was the AI yearbook trend. In this trend, creators are creating yearbook pictures of themselves inspired by the famous aesthetic of the 90's. Using AI is one thing but when creators opted to go with the right aesthetic, colors, and fashion, it made it even better. Definitely the most creative trend on your Explore page right now.

It is not an uncommon thing for the best hits of Lata Mangeshkar to resurface on social media. Recently, a verse of "Teri Mehfil Me Kismat Azmakar" has been used to create meme content on Instagram. As the film, 'Thank you for Coming' has been the talk of the town this month, its playlist is bound to end up in trends. From 'Pari Hoon Main' to 'Haanji', we saw people dancing and vibing on the upbeat tracks of the film.

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Check out these fun Trends:


AI Yearbook Trend 


Navratri Reels 

Ham bhi Dekhenge (Meme Trend)


What was your favourite trend of the week? Let us know in the comments below.

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