Jennifer Aniston has finally arrived on Instagram just as Rachel Greene would… ‘Fashionably’ late and we’re loving it!

This is not a drill! I repeat this is not a drill! Jennifer Aniston is now on Instagram. The actress who has a huge fan following across the globe has finally made her debut on Instagram. While you let that sink in, here’s another thing that will make you shriek with excitement. Just moments after creating her public Instagram account, Jennifer made her first post and it features none other that… Are you ready? Any guesses? Okay, don’t kill me. It’s the FRIENDS gang! Could this debut BE any more iconic?!

Take a look at Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram debut post:

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And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM ??

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Check out some of the celebrity reactions the post has received:
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston

Here’s how Courteney Cox welcomed Jen on Instagram:

So much for just another Tuesday, right?! *Grins like a fool*