Kusha Kapila takes the high road with the unroast video of Elvish Yadav ft. Lakshay Chaudhary

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Kusha Kapila decided to take a different route to address the comments made by Elvish Yadav and Lakshay Chaudhary and she did so without getting into a dissing contest!

The world is facing a pandemic right now and if that wasn't enough, a barrage of crises just keep getting added to the list of - Reasons why 2020 sucks. But natural disasters aren't the only ones that have us questioning the actions of the human race. These testing times have taught us how strong and uplifting the human spirit can be. We've learned ways to cope with stress and to keep our lives going even though most of it has come to a halt. And of course, how can we forget the cooking, dancing and viral videos that have become a part of our routine now. One of the latest viral videos include Kusha Kapila and her response to certain roast videos. Yes, that's exactly what we'll be talking about today.

The lockdown has certainly led to an increase in the screentime of Netizens in India. While a lot of us are using this time to manage work and keep our selves entertained enough to get through it, others are using to stir up intense and sometimes funny but definitely unnecessary negative conversations. Yes, I am talking about the YouTube vs TikTok debate that started with roasts and turned into an ugly online fight between creators and their respective loyal supporters. And if that wasn't enough, two YouTube creators called " target="_blank" rel="noopener">Elvish Yadav and Lakshay Chaudhary tried slinging mud on some other female influencers including Kusha Kapila and her content from the past.

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Now, if Kusha Kapila were to follow the trend, she would have shared a roast response herself. However, instead of an impulsive response, Kusha decided to evaluate and talk about everything the two YouTube creators had mentioned in their videos. Yes, she spoke about the tone of their misogynistic comments but wasn't afraid to address her own oversight from the past about generalising all men. She responded to most of the points made by Elvish and some others made by Lakshya (yes, only some as Lakshya's video was moved to 'Private' mode soon after the buzz around it picked up).

Kusha addressed and made relevant points throughout the video and spoke about equality and feminism. While Kusha agreed with the sentiments behind some of the points made by ELvish she also shut down his comments on how women are objectified and eve teased in their daily lives with wit, humour and truth bombs. In parts of the unroast, Kusha Kapila also addresses the comments made by Elvish about female content creators and their supposed pseudo feminism and personal comments made on her accent, her western approach to things and her inability to speak in Hindi. And doing what she does best, Kusha Kapila owned the unroast, made her points, served major sarcasm, gave the creators a reality-check and yes, did all of it while speaking in Hindi (well, mostly).

You can check out Kusha Kapila's unroast here:

The entire debacle highlights one thing for sure that the internet has given us all the freedom to speak our minds and to address what we feel is wrong. That being said, the unroast proves that there are many ways to voice your opinions and making a point doesn't mean that you need to be screaming or spewing negativity. Whether Kusha's response settles things or stirs up another debate, only time will tell (since we have a lot of it in lockdown anyway!)

Taking a leaf out of Kusha's approach, I'd like to end by saying that, agar kuch sahi yaa galat lagey toh kaho par sahi tareeke se kaho yaar. 

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