#CreatorRewind: 10 mental health content creators in 2022 who motivated us to prioritise ourselves!

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#LetsKetchup: Content creators who guided us to take care of our mental health in 2022

#LetsKetchup: Check out these influencers on Instagram who are virtually guiding us on how to take care of our mental health.

2022 is about to end soon and we all wish to step into the new year with healthy and happy minds, right? In 2022, we made a lot of progress with regard to mental health. Not only are we taking care of our own mental health, but we are also collectively destigmatizing mental illnesses and related issues. A lot of credit for this destigmatization goes to these mental health content creators in 2022 who create content on social media to spread awareness about the same! They are helping people understand the taboo topic of mental illness. From time to time, they share resources so that more people can access psychiatric help and therapy. They are also sharing generic advice that can help one take care of their mental and emotional state. Counselors and psychiatrists are making optimum use of social media to spread mental health awareness in a non-judgemental and safe manner.

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Check out these mental health content creators in 2022!

Kavyal Sedanni (@kavyalsedanni)

Dr. Era Dutta (@mindwellness.dr.era)

Rhea Gandhi (@decolonizepsychotherapy)

Sonali Gupta (@mentalhealthwithsonali)

Dr. Devashish Palkar (@psychidiaries)

Saumya (@dhyanaa.with.saumya)

Dr. Sarthak Dave (@dr_sarthak_dave)

Srishti (@wordsofa_psychologist)

Arouba Kabir (@mentalhealthcareist)

Ekta Dixit (@ektadixit_speaks)

Hope this list of creators helps you as much as it's helped us!

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