Ideas to spruce up minimal Navratri outfits that are the best for people who hate dressing up too much.

Navratri is easily one of the grandest and the most famous Indian festivals celebrated to worship Goddess Durga. Ancient scripts suggest that a prominent battle was fought between Goddess Durga and a demon by the name of Mahishasura. Goddess Durga won the battle and is since seen as the symbol of fearlessness and the victory of Good over Evil. The nine-day-long festival is dedicated to the powerful Goddess and her nine avatars. If you’re looking forward to being a part of the festivities without making extra efforts on dressing up then read on. We’ve got some tips that would help you do just that while you feel comfy in your minimal Navratri outfits.

Navratri is an artistic confluence where people use songs, dance, colourful clothing and accessories to come together, celebrate and express their devotion to Goddess Durga. It also helps bring people closer as a community. And it is super fun, isn’t it? The planning, the hustle for passes, the careful selection of outfits, everything adds another level of excitement to the celebration. While outfits play a huge role in feeling the Navratri vibes, we understand that not all of us love wearing heavy outfits along with that coincide with the colour dedicated to each day of Navratri. But worry not, here are some other options that add a colorful touch to minimal Navratri outfits.

5 ways you can add a pop of colour to your minimal Navratri outfits:

 1. Earrings

2. Bangles

3. Dupatta

4. Tribal Kadas

5. Temporary Hair Color

6. Necklaces

Now you have alternatives that won’t cramp your personal style and still add a touch of colour to your Navratri outfits. What are you waiting for?