Sex Education season 4 review: With this last season, this series that taught us so much leaves on a high note!

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Sex Education season 4

Sex Education season 4

Sex Education season 4 review: While maintaining its patent style of comedy with lessons on sex, the series bids us the perfect goodbye.

Sex Education season 4 review: My relationship with this series is deeply personal because I had no access to education on sex, especially in so much depth up until this series came along. It used to scare me and mostly make me feel broken for not wanting it. But this series educated me about Asexuality and made me feel confident enough to not feel broken anymore. And it was not just me who developed a connection with this series on an individualistic level but so many out there who understood more about themselves and the world around them. That is the power of this show and with its last season, my heart was heavy because it felt like I was losing something. But then this season taught me that even if it's come to an end, it's always going to be there for me since it's a part of me now.

Now that high school is over, it’s time for college life to begin, and Cavendish is all things woke that Moordale High School wasn’t! There's yoga, meditation, gym, gender-neutral bathrooms, studying from tablets, student-run administration, student sex therapists, specially-abled as well as trans students, and a whole lot more. It's what any college in the future might look like. But still, in this world of political correctness, wokeness feels like a burden where you can’t freely be yourself. 

Otis, Eric, and Maeve navigate through it all with old and some new faces. Maeve figures out her path of being a writer in America while dealing with the loss of a special one. Otis is learning how to be a sex therapist while dealing with his trauma. Both of them also try to handle and save their long-distance relationship. Eric goes on a journey of how he can be the best version of himself while struggling with his religion Christianity. Eric and Otis also go through a change in their friendship just like most school friends experience when they go to college. Aimee further heals her trauma through art and a new relationship while Adam builds back his confidence while working with animals and heals his relationship with his father. Dr. Jean deals with a newborn baby, her sister, and post-natal depression. 

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But in all fairness, this time around the focus has shifted from sex and the main characters. It's about much more than that, the way our own worlds broaden up after high school. The journey of season 4 is focused more inward and talks about how letting go is not just a phase but a part of life that helps us grow up. Largely, the season tackles issues like depression, bullying, trauma, past, religion, low self-esteem, body transformations that a trans person experiences, issues of specially-abled people, and how even sex therapists need therapy. 

As an ace myself, for the first time, I truly felt seen when Asexuality was explored in depth and how it's attached to a lot of loneliness. Apart from that, this season also gives us closure on every character as it binds every arc in a way so that the chapters close from the time they started with us but not the lives that continue to go on. It maintains its balance of educating while being wrapped inside a meaningful story that tickles your bones too. It's definitely the most bittersweet and woke show that I have seen in a while where issues are not thrown at your face but are dealt with as everyday struggles just like you would in your own life.

Even though those therapy moments do feel a little preachy, their impact is effectively strong. I wouldn’t say it's the best season but it's definitely the most intense, deep, and personal one so far, even for its characters, who are explored to their core. It's the perfect goodbye that I could ask for from a show that's so close to me because they truly stood true to 'Let's Finish Together as Nothing Lasts Forever.' 

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