Rohan Joshi gives us the dope on Wake N Bake - his first-ever stand-up special!

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Wake N Bake

In our latest interaction with Rohan Joshi, he shared with us his excitement about, Wake N Bake, the time he lost his nerve on stage, his take one memes and more!

MojoRojo aka Cat Dad aka Rohan Joshi has entertained and made people laugh for over a decade now. His is one name that pops up on every 'Top comedians in India' list and it's not just because of his generic good-looking face! It has a lot to do with him writing scripts, performing sketches, acting in a movie to even giving us our regular mini-dose of LOLs through his quips and social media posts. Well, Rohan has given us another reason to laugh our hearts out amidst all the chaos that surrounds us. How? Well, his first-ever stand-up special - Wake N Bake is now Live on Amazon Prime Video and it is sure to leave you entertained! In his special, he talks about marriage, marijuana, just what it's like being in your 30s and a lot more interesting and hilarious observations. Watch Wake N Bake to know what else Rohan's got up his sleeve this time. For now, scroll down to read our latest interaction with him about Wake N Bake and more!

Check it out: 

1. From your first gig to your first-ever stand-up special, you've come a long way. What's going on in your head right now?

"Time feels really slippery right now, because I've been doing this for almost a decade, and as I saw the special pop-up on Amazon, for one second it felt like my first gig was yesterday, and the next moment, it felt like "yeah, okay, it's been a damn decade."

2. Can you tell us a little about Wake N Bake - How it happened? How you prepped for it?

"Wake N Bake is a collection of personal jokes and stories that I've wanted to tell for a while. It happened because I realised that getting into my thirties had changed my perspective on a lot of things that I thought in my twenties, and I figured that might be a fun hook for a special. I prepped for it by writing for over a year, and then touring and re-writing the material relentlessly between January and October. And finally, in October, we taped the show you see on Prime Video today."

3. What makes this special, special?

"I'm not sure how to answer that, but I'll try. One thing that makes it special for me is that it's my first one. One thing that may make it special for the audience is that I feel like I'm speaking in my own, most natural voice. And I hope people feel the same way."

4. How hard it was for you to put together this and everything post the October 2018 incidents. Did you face the harsh repercussions?

"I think everything that happened and the repercussions played out in the public eye. It's been a long road, but also, I recognise that I'm hardly the victim in this scenario." 

5. What does it take for a stand-up comedian to grab the audience's attention?

"An arresting premise, or a relatable insight, or a provocative thought that makes people take a different look at something they have always seen from only one perspective." 

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6. What is the key to creating a hit set?

"I think that key is the holy grail all comics are searching for. And let the special be out for a bit before we decide it's a hit set."

7. How much of a difference do you see in the stand-up and overall comedy space now as compared to when it began?

"The difference is remarkable. Today we have more diverse voices from more diverse parts of the country, with wildly different lived experiences, and I think the scene is only going to get more diverse and fresh."

8. Have you ever lost your nerve in front of a Live audience? Is there a memorable incident?

"My second stand-up show ever, I was performing at a DJ Award Ceremony and I was told to write jokes about DJs. I was too inexperienced to take on a brief that specific. Also, they gave the award to the wrong person and then took it from their hands and gave it to a different person, so the crowd was already a little pissed off. THEN I got on stage. For five minutes on stage, I died. And it felt like fifty years. I walked off stage, kept walking, didn't look up or make eye-contact with anyone, and didn't stop walking until I was inside a cab."

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9. Also, we have to know, where do you stand on memes? Love them, hate them?

"I love memes! They're like little junk food snack jokes and some of them are legit inspired enough to count as art."

10. You've done sketches, written for awards shows, acted in a movie, performed in front of a Live audience multiple times. What's next for you?  

"Next, hopefully, is to write and direct some fiction of my own. Making fun genre content has always been a dream. And I think now would be a good time to chase it."

You can watch Rohan Joshi's first-ever stand-up special, Wake N Bake on Amazon Prime Video.

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