Twitter always has something good in its store –be it memes, opinions, or threads. We came upon one such thread – #ShareAStoryInATweet and it gave us all kinds of tales!

#ShareAStoryInATweet is quite self explanatory; you have to squeeze in a story in the character limit of a tweet. People latched onto this pretty quickly, and shared all of kinds of anecdotes. While some were full of love and inspiring, some were tragic as well. Either way, they were definitely worth the read.

Exercise your right and count your blessings people.

Imagine turning your life upside down like that.

It is such a moving experience for both the parents and the kid who just got a family.

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I can’t even imagine the pain.

Crucial circumstances and unfortunate funny incidents go hand in hand.

While this is an incident to be proud of, always remember that suicide is never the answer. Ever.

Everything happens for a reason.

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There are still kind humans in this world that is full of cruel ones.

Every little step in the right direction counts in a very significant way, even if you don’t realize it then.

Sometimes you wouldn’t even realize and have such a deep impact in a person’s life and they will always remember you with warmth.

After the hashtag started, it slowly picked up more on the health care side, where people started sharing stories of survival and life.

One thing that can be said with certainty is that trends such as these are far more fruitful than any of the stupid challenges that people blindly follow. Let’s make such hashtags more popular and spread awareness about issues that need our attention!