August 2022 was all about binging on underrated TV shows on Netflix!

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underrated TV shows on Netflix

Want something fun to binge on? Check out these underrated TV shows on Netflix!

Most days, we find ourselves wondering what to watch and the amount of new TV shows and movies across the plethora of OTT platforms doesn't help us decide on one. While Netflix is stocked with new releases, we found some underrated TV shows like Uncoupled to keep us company through the week. That's the beauty of TV shows, they're perfect to binge on during a lunch break or before bed and also enjoyable as a marathon on a weekend!

Not sure which one to pick out of these? Our reviews might help!

Ginny & Georgia - Netflix

What seems like a simple story of a mom and her kids on the surface, Ginny & Georgia soon takes multiple dark turns in every episode, and I’m not complaining! Also, as a 30-year-old myself, watching Georgia, a 30-year-old mom struggle with communicating with her teen daughter feels far too absurd because I can relate to them both. So it’s safe to say that this manic drama has so many layers that it’s everything but boring.

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Uncoupled - Netflix

If you’ve been dumped out of the blue, Uncoupled will feel like ‘getting your side locks waxed’ kinda painful. This feel-good series about a gay man’s mid-life dating crisis is more relatable than we’d like. Reliving traumatic breakups that you didn’t see coming, questioning everything you’ve shared together, and wondering what you did that drove them away, ugh; Uncoupled was hilarious and sweet but it was so hard to not get triggered!

Wedding Season - Netflix

Your parents forcing you to marry by playing the emotional card is a game, no sorry, a routine we are all too familiar with. Success will come and go, but a husband and kids are your ‘forever’, they say! Regardless of where you stand on the whole career vs. marriage spectrum, one thing is certain – today, we have a very low tolerance for bullshit, and that also applies to the content we consume. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most annoying, Wedding Season surely hits it out of the park with its innate ability to force ‘beta’ at the end of a perfectly normal sentence just like mom and dad do when they’re trying to make up after having said something atrocious and not addressing it.

Which of these underrated TV shows on Netflix have you watched already? Tell us in the comments below.

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