While staying indoors is mandatory, celebrating all things queer can happen from the comfort of your own home.

June is so much more than just a month, it’s become more of a state of mind now where you feel free to express your truest self. You have the opportunity to walk on the streets and march alongside incredible humans with enigmatic personalities whether you belong to the queer community or are an ally. Though India has seen very few Pride marches, the ones that have happened were nothing less than a celebration. June is celebrated as Pride month as a solidarity to the Stonewall riots in the USA back in 1969 and since then, the month stands as a reminder of all the struggles of the past and the future achievements that belong to the community. These Pride marches are conducted to spread awareness about various issues and misconceptions surrounding the community and to spread awareness and love for all these beautiful humans. And just like last year, this June we have to find ways to celebrate Pride at home.

While marching with the community and living the true pride spirit seems unlikely this year, nothing should and can stop you from celebrating Pride month. We made a list of ways in which we can all celebrate Pride month at home.

Check it out!

Educate yourself about Pride history and the community

Show your support to LGBTQIA+ creators and artists

Read books by LGBTQIA+ writers

Make DIY pride art

Decorate your house with pride flag or pride themed adornments

Talk and start conversations about laws and rights online

Have pride themed movie marathon watch-parties with your friends

Be there for friends and family members who aren’t out yet

Donate to organizations working for the community

Attend or host Pride parties with your friends

Which of these will you be trying out this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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