BTS' Jungkook explores love, heartbreak, and more in his solo album 'Golden'

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All anybody can talk about in the world of K-Pop these days is Jungkook’s solo album ‘Golden’ so let’s deep dive into what it really means and how it all came together!

After the release of two very successful singles, ‘Seven’ and ‘3D’, Jungkook of BTS has finally released a full length album. Including the initial two, the album includes a total of 11 songs. This came as a surprise to Armys as he revealed at Suga’s talk show ‘Suchwita’ that he only plans on doing a mini album with just 4 songs in it. Turns out the perfectionist in him just couldn’t stop creating and he ended up with a plethora of new songs for us to stream. The album is named ‘Golden’ not only because he is called the ‘Golden maknae’ of BTS but also because he refers to this particular era as the golden moments of his life. He also once wrote a poem named Golden in one of the Run BTS episodes through which he also shared that his mother had a dream about a golden rain right before he was born. Since he was intertwined with the color in so many ways, it felt like the only correct fit for the title. The album has 3 versions ‘Shine, Solid and Substance’ which include posters, photocards and photobooks. 

Coming to the songs, as Jungkook himself explains, the first five songs of the album are about falling in love, sex and everything in between. The remaining five are about drifting apart and breaking up. It’s well divided in between the many layers a relationship can go through. The title track of the album is called ‘Standing Next To You’. The music video for the same shows a really intense choreography, many references to ‘Black Swan’ which is another popular hit by BTS and a whole lot of Michael Jackson vibes. With a grand set and stunning costumes on Jungkook, the music video gained 20 million views in its first 24 hours. The album overall has been topping charts on Spotify and itunes in many parts of the world. 

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So here’s what he’s trying to tell us through each of these songs!

3D (feat Jack Harlow): Jungkook’s latest single 3D is also his first collaboration with American rapper Jack Harlow. Jungkook’s vocals and Jack’s rap blend together perfectly and give the song a very old school 90s/ early 2000s vibe that we all loved. 3D is an R&B Pop track and the collaboration between the two artists bring back the era where Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys songs were listened to on loop. You can read more about the song here!

Closer To You (feat Major Lazor): This song is exactly what you’d expect out of a Major Lazor track. Jungkook’s vocals blend into the EDM seamlessly and the song talks about yearning to get closer to the one you love. 

Seven (feat Latto) (Explicit Version): The music video features him and Han So-Hee, one of the leading K-dramas actresses in Korea. The duo is playing a couple and after an argument, he tries all things silly and cute to win her back. From buying her flowers to hanging outside the window of her train, he goes to heaven and back to tell her how much he loves her. It is over the top and exaggerated in places and yet fully melts your heart. But the song, undoubtedly, is also about sex. It's about reminiscing the good sexual chemistry they had and how he misses that in his life. You can read our whole article about the song here!

Standing Next To You: The main track as the title suggests is about standing next to the person you love, no matter what the circumstances might be. Even if it’s standing next to them in the fire. The song has a retro pop vibe to it and Jungkook’s voice in this song stands out as proof of his versatile vocal range. The song is so powerful it justifies its show stopper like quality as the main track. 

Yes or No: The fifth track from the album talks about when someone is deeply in love. When they finally ask their crush ‘do you feel the same as me?’ or if they’re falling in love too, it’s cute and reminds you of the initial phases of falling for someone. The song is written by none other than Ed Sheeran. While Ed has collaborated with BTS in the past, this is his first collaboration with Jungkook as a solo artist. 

Please Don’t Change (feat DJ Snake): Here’s where the transitioning into the second half begins. Please Don’t Change is about asking your significant other to not change who they are because you love them just the way they are. Even if the stars collide, you’d still be the same person for them, always!

Hate You: One of the most loved tracks from the album, Hate You is heartbreakingly beautiful. It talks about how the only way to move on from your ex is to paint them like the villain they actually never were. Because even though they’ve not done anything wrong, hating them is the only way you can get closure and move on from them. Hate You is a song you’d want to listen to on a cold winter night. The song is written by Shawn Mendes as both of them wanted to collaborate with each other in one way or another!

Somebody: The song talks about the disconnect with the one you were with and the desire to find a more suitable connection, accepting the need to move on, the pain involved in the process and accepting changes.

Too Sad To Dance: This stands pretty opposite to BTS’ ‘Permission to Dance’. While that song was about finding hope in dark times, this one is about loneliness getting to you. Although he talks about seeking solace in a nightclub, he feels ridiculed. He faces the reality of being alone and learning how to be independent.

Shot Glass of Tears: Along the similar lines of the previous song, Shot Glass of Tears talks about the turmoil and pain of a break up. How alcohol is used as a coping mechanism to numb the pain is what the crux of the song is. While the song is sorrowful, the overall melody and vibe of the song feels extremely wholesome. Almost as if you’re supposed to feel complete or celebrate it. 

Ever since the album’s release, Seven became the fastest song in history to reach 1 billion streams. From concerts to interviews, there’s so much content coming our way this month! We only look forward to more of what he has in store for us ahead!

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